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You’ve likely heard about Niacin Max and all the things it can do. You’ve probably read in magazines that it can increase red blood cell production, help increase HGH (human growth hormone levels) and increase oxygenation in the blood helping with muscle function. While these may seem like tall claims, you’d be surprised to know that it is quite possible once you understand how niacin affects the human body. I’ll be explaining all this and more here at Niacin Max Reviews.

For you science buffs who want to know what the molecular structure is, here you go.


Ok, now to how it works. You see, niacin is a vitamin that contains Vitamin B3 and Nicotinic Acid. It comes in a thin strip that you put under your tongue like those old mints that were really popular years back. This is one of the major benefits of Niacin Max. By bypassing the digestive system, more niacin can get into your bloodstream, helping you reap more benefits from it.


Niacin increases red blood cell production which in turn helps physical performance. More nutrients can get to your muscles and you will be able to have more energy and strength in the gym or whatever sport you are playing.

It also increases human growth hormone, or HGH. This helps across the board. Most people already know that HGH will help you to have faster muscle recovery from workouts as well as increase metabolism of fat.The studies they conducted showed an increase in HGH by as much as 600%. That’s a lot!

Niacin Max has been shown to increase blood oxygen levels by up to 50%. Increased oxygen flow to your brain and muscle helps with reaction time as well as the coveted “pump” in the gym. With more oxygen going to your muscles you can lift more weight for longer, and thus get a much better workout.

Niacin has been shown to improve cholesterol levels and have several other helpful health benefits. We’ll be discussing this more soon.


As I mentioned before the interesting this about Niacin Max is that you take it under your tongue. This is great because a lot of supplements never reach your blood stream properly because they get all burned your digestive acids. So, you never get the full dose. This, however, delivers 75 mg of pure niacin right into your blood stream under the tongue. No swallowing. No interference from your digestive system.

Because this system of delivery is so much more potent, you’re getting way more bang for your buck because you’re not throwing away a 90% of the dosage by never getting it past your digestive system. This means you don’t have to take as much, you get a more potent dose, and you save money. Win, win, win.

An added bonus to this is that you can take it anywhere without water.


So, they have a few different options. You can either get a single pack, or a two or three pack. I suggest you try the 3 pack, in which you really only pay for 2. You get 90 strips total for about $100 (shipping is free). I think this is the best option because if for whatever reason you don’t like it or you change you mind you don’t have this giant box of stuff to send back. Either way, though, they offer a 2+ month return guarantee, but rather than being out hundreds of dollars. You’ll only be out $100.

I hope that this review of Niacin Max has been helpful. I’ll be posting more on my blog giving you updates and details on my progress with it. Take care.

-John Robertson

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